secretariatphotopendant-on-burgundy-match-charmAre you a Secretariat fan??? Have you seen the latest licensed jewelry design for him? Available at a introductory price of $195 for a limited time only, this photo pendant showing Secretariat on the front in his famous blue blinkers is hand enameled for a distinct look. Check out the back with the darling photo of him as a yearling…little did he know what was ahead for him…rising to the top as a beloved Triple Crown winner with so many adoring fans. Although I never had the opportunity to meet him in person as many of you have, I was in the movie as an extra in several scenes including the thrilling Belmont finish where we screamed our lungs out as Ron Turcotte, played brilliantly by Otto Thornwarth, came down the stretch to claim the 1973 Triple Crown victory. We all felt like we were there cheering him on to his amazing 31 length win!

This sterling silver photo pendant is made by my master silversmith, hand polished and finished and stamped with Secretariat’s name under the photo making it a true collector’s piece. The photo is removable and you can cut to size and put one in of your very own at any time if you choose and cover it with its own protective shield. Be one of the first to order….they are going fast!! Visit the website at Secretariat Collection to see all of the Secretariat licensed designs that benefit the Secretariat Foundation and order your favorite today!