unicorn mini necklaceUnicorns… is there any mythical beast as breathtakingly beautiful? Take the horse, already one of the loveliest creatures there is, make it pure white and add a spiraling horn. Of course the resulting creature will be so magical that according to legend only someone with a truly pure soul can ever see one! Symbolizing divine love, grace, beauty, gentleness and purity, unicorns have captivated humans for thousands of years.

Tales of unicorns stretch back to the ancient myths of China and India and there even are references to them in the Bible. The Chinese believed that unicorns were one of the four superior animals of good omen (the others being the phoenix, the tortoise and the dragon). Amazingly, a description appears in an ancient Greek document listing types of animals – not mythology, as Greek writers of natural history were convinced that the animals were real and dwelled in India, a distant realm for them! This text stated that the unicorn is a strong, fierce animal that can be caught only if a virgin maiden is place before it, where it will leap into her lap (sounds a bit dangerous…). 

The Far East was not the only source of purported unicorn sightings – in Northern Europe, Vikings and other seafarers spoke of “sea-unicorns,” (which of course were narwhals) whose tusks were harvested, then traded to merchants or gifted to nobility. Queen Elizabeth I received one from a British explorer upon his return from an Arctic expedition and the Danish Throne was said to be made of unicorn horns. The ancient Celtic people – both Christian and non-Christian – associated the unicorn with pride, boldness, and strength. 

Many of the legends from the various cultures make claims about the magical powers of the unicorn’s horn: some said drinking from a hollowed-out horn prevents poisoning, others said the unicorn could purify water by dipping its horn into it. A fascination with horned animals in general still exists to this day so it’s easy to understand. 

Representations of unicorns appear in Medieval art originating in Europe, the Islamic world and in China. Fanciful white equines frequently are seen cavorting on woven tapestries or embroidered on fabrics. Unicorns also were a popular motif for family crests and represented in ornate unicorn jewelry. Wealthy and important people acquired and drank from cups reputedly made of unicorn horn, which actually were made of rhinoceros horn or narwhal tusk and hard enough to obtain themselves.

Nowadays people use the term “unicorn” to refer to not only the animals themselves, but to anything that’s one-of-a-kind, difficult to find and/or extremely special. They’ll even state in advertisements for horses for sale that the horse is a “unicorn” since it’s good at many different equestrian sports, such as a horse that is trained for both Western and English riding, can be driven to a carriage and used for mounted archery. That would be quite a special horse indeed and if it was a grey horse to boot, even more of a “unicorn!”

The unicorn also continues to be an extremely popular motif for jewelry. Jane Heart Jewelry is excited and proud to introduce two brand-new Unicorn Jewelry designs. The pieces are crafted in sterling silver, a metal associated with purity and power – just like the unicorn. Choose the dainty Unicorn Mini Necklace, the matching Unicorn Earrings or the gorgeous ¾” Unicorn Necklace. Wearing any of these beautiful designs is sure to bring you joy and make you feel as special as a unicorn itself. 

Whether you are drawn to unicorns for their magic, purity or sheer beauty, Jane Heart’s Unicorn Jewelry is sure to capture your heart!

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