Horseshoes have long been a symbol of good luck and protection and wearing horseshoe jewelry has been popular for thousands of years. Often horse people simply enjoy wearing horseshoe jewelry as a symbol of their love for equines. Whatever your reason, Jane Heart offers many different kinds of horseshoe jewelry to suit you.

Horseshoes originally were all about protection for horses and humans alike. Ancient Greeks wore amulets in the shape of horseshoes to ward off evil eyes or bad magic. Throughout the Middle Ages there was a belief that witches and evil spirits had a fear of horses and of horseshoes in particular, since they were made of iron and could withstand fire. A more recent practice has been to hang a horseshoe over a doorway to bring those living under the roof good luck.

If you like to wear horseshoes, you’ll find earrings, beads, charms and pendants in Jane Heart’s Horseshoe Jewelry Collection. Horseshoe earrings include the brand-new Horseshoe Minis. Beautifully-detailed and sized just right, they are perfect for every day and great for every age. Wear these earrings for good luck on horse show day, too! With your order of $125 or more from Jane Heart between Nov. 1-25, 2019, these earrings are free as part of Jane’s celebrating 25 years in business.

Jane Heart’s Mini Horseshoe Pendants are among her most popular and unique pieces of horseshoe jewelry. Featuring horse heads from different disciplines and breeds (or a fox!) combined with a horseshoe, they offer a truly special way to show your love of horses and riding. Whether you fox hunt, ride Dressage, Hunter/Jumper or have a favorite Shetland Pony or Paso Fino, there is a Mini Horseshoe Pendant to dress up any outfit.

Enjoy browsing Jane’s Horseshoe Jewelry Collection!