It’s time to think about your cool-weather wardrobe and here’s good news: Jane Heart Jewelry’s horse necklaces fit right in with the new fall jewelry trends!

“Chunky” jewelry is in and Jane Heart has many horse necklaces to choose from with heavy chains or pendants. In particular, the toggle chains offer that look with a simple and elegant fastener. These fashionable horse necklaces can be made with your choice of pendant including Dressage Horse, Hunter/Jumper, a large disc or circle with a Famous Racehorse head, or one from a Breed Collection such as Arabian or Morgan. Or, your chunky horse necklace choice could include a horseshoe (perfect for all “horse people”).

Another fall jewelry trend where Jane Heart Jewelry shines is “Sentimental” pieces. It simply means jewelry representing things you care about. What better way to show your love of horses, riding or a specific equestrian discipline than wearing a beautiful horse necklace from Jane Heart? There are so many collections to choose from… Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Arabian, Quarter Horse, Famous Racehorses and more. Or, showcase your favorite animal including foxes and dogs.

In addition to the toggle-style chain necklace, Jane Heart creates horse necklaces with beaded chains as well. Secretariat’s famous blue blinkers look wonderful showcased with chunky lapis beads, or show off a Dressage horse head with black onyx. Use your imagine because Jane is happy to work with you to create the horse necklace of your dreams!