Learn more about the history of charms

History Of CharmsHow did people come to wear horse charms for bracelets or necklaces? Charms have been worn for thousands of years, originally as amulets to keep evil spirits, enemies, or bad luck away. The first charms were made from shells, animal bones and clay; later on, the use of gems, rocks and wood became common. The first true jewelry using charms was charm bracelets worn by the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, who believe they would pass with them into the afterlife.

Lets learn a little about the history of charms. During the Middle Ages, knights wore charms on their belts to identify their status and ancestry. They frequently would be worn into battle to ward off evil and bring good fortune to their owners… or bad to their enemies.

Wearing and collecting charms became a popular fashion trend during the first years of the 21st century. Glamorous silver screen stars of the 1940s and 50s first popularized personalized charm bracelets, with jewelers creating designs to commemorate family members, trips, life milestones, important hobbies and more. Equestrian charms were among them! Horse lovers always added a horseshoe charm, of course.

Wearing custom charms on bracelets or necklaces has continued to be a trend for decades, undoubtedly because people can choose their own special “look.” Jane Heart Jewelry offers dozens of special sterling silver horse charm designs, allowing horse lovers to choose exactly the right equestrian charm to represent their favorite horse breed, discipline or animal. If you love canines, you’ll find dog charms and fox charms. Prefer to wear a necklace? Jane Heart has beautiful horseshoe charms for necklaces as well.

Do you like wearing multiple charms but don’t want a bracelet? Or, do you enjoy changing things up depending on the outfit or occasion? Take a look at Jane’s charm holder necklace, with an opening so you can easily swap designs.

The individuality that comes with personalized charms makes charm jewelry truly special for the user. Jane will be happy to work with you to create your own perfect, “uniquely yours” charm jewelry!

We hope you learned a little about the history of charms and if you would like to purchase a charm for your collection, click here to see all our charms.